Dame's Rocket

Category: Flowers
Created by: The Armchair Gardener

Billed as a fragrant old-fashioned garden plant, the Dame's Rocket (also known as Sweet Rocket and Summer Lilac, among others) is classified as an invasive species by the National Forest Service and the Wisconsin DNR (for starters). I remember this plant growing as a weed near my childhood home. It resembles Phlox, but has four petals instead of five, and the foliage is coarse as compared to Phlox's smooth leaves.

Though I bought a packet of seeds from Select Seeds, a great company for antique and hard-to-find varieties, I will not be planting them, and I suspect that the back borders harbor a good number of these plants. I remember seeing the rosettes that looked like the photos on the Forest Service fact sheet.

The photo posted here is from Wikimedia Commons and is in the public domain.

Family Brassicaceae
Genus Hesperis
Species matronalis
Classification Invasive Species
Duration Biennial / Perennial